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Whole Food Shop Manchester

Whole Box is a whole food retailer supplying a wide range of organic, local and whole foods across Salford and Manchester. We are a food retailer with a difference, producing food on site, as part of The Biospheric Project, alongside The Biospheric Foundation and Manchester International Festival, working with local food producers and direct buying from well-known ethical wholesalers. Why not buy from our range of whole foods today.

Whole Box has introduced a wide range of high quality urban organic whole food at competitive prices, serving our customer base in Salford and Manchester, building a localised food network. We are creating a decentralised biospheric model based on local resources, local people, co-productivity and renewable energy. If you wish to get involved with the Whole Box food network please contact us letting us know how you want to help.


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What do our Veg Boxes contain?

Your veg box will contain four staples, which due to popularity are present most weeks, potatoes, carrots, onions and tomatoes. We also include another three or four varieties of vegetables. These depend on the availability, seasonality and affordability. Additionally, we usually supply two varieties of fruit. Why not try your first veg box this week.

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